TAS. il cloud che rivoluziona i sistemi gestionali ERP

Business Intelligence: Case Study Ti Frutta

The app that lets you earn while shopping

The cloud that transform ERP process

TAS at Oracle Cloud Day

The ‘extended’ cloud that trasforms ERP processes...

TAS 2ESolutions

TAS 2ESolutions

Social business collaboration, process digitalisation, data sharing with maximum safety: these are the key principles of TAS Group's offering for the Extended Enterprise...

Case Study Cargeas

Cloud Procurement Management: Case Study CARGEAS

CARGEAS Insurance chooses TAS extendERP based on Oracle...

TAS Group and Oracle present the new purchasing processes between collaboration and social business

New procurement solutions

Between collaboration and social business

TAS solution for ERP management

Beyond traditional ERP... new solutions oriented to Customer eXperience, Social Collaboration, multi-device workability in mobility and Cloud


Workability in social collaboration



Workability in mobility