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SostaSmart: park & pay on the go

SostaSmart is the free, safe, quick and intuitive service developed by TAS Group, in collaboration with PayTipper, for parking payments in Rome.


sostasmartYou can activate SostaSmart simply registering at or directly via the mobile app available in the Apple Store and Android Play Store.

Once you have downloaded the app, you are ready to park and pay at your convenience. When you park, simply log into the app and enter the parking start-time plus expected end-time. Geolocation functions assist you in detecting accurately the zone you are in, and its hourly rate. SostaSmart works for all 19 parking zones in Rome plus the underground lots throughout the city. The web portal provides maximum security for payment transactions and privacy.

If you need to extend or shorten your parking time, just modify the info directly on the app. All data will be instantly forwarded to the parking operator(ATAC in case of Rome) to avoid fines in case of controls by the traffic cops. 


SostaSmart is just one of many use cases of TAS Group’s modular solutions for smart cities and smart mobility.

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