The TAS platform for fraud prevention and management

The phenomenon of fraud made with payment cards and via digital channels has undergone a strong acceleration in recent years, especially through the international circuits, with serious consequences for the banking system in terms of economic damage, loss of image, and customer relations. Fraud risk is destined to amplify when innovative payment services, such as instant SCTs, spread to the market and traditional players, together with the new TPPs, will have to face an increasingly competitive scenario.

Fraud Protect

An intelligent modular solution that allows you to quickly identify anomalies in payment instrument usage, both card- and account-based, carry out investigations and take appropriate action in the case of suspected or confirmed fraud.

Fraud Protect interacts with the Customer environment in real time, be it a PSP, TPP or Merchant, and uses advanced predictive engines to support Transaction Risk Analysis (TRA). In line with PSD2 and with the technical standards issued by EBA for strong customer authentication (SCA) and open common and secure communication standards, Fraud Protect also offers functions to maximize the application of the SCA Exemption.

Fraud Protect

Modules and features

 Fraud protect modules

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