e- & m-Commerce

Using smartphones and tablets as payment devices is now the norm with purchases through these devices continuing to grow three times faster than desktop-based e-commerce. More and more traditional retailers are keen on enriching their customers’ payment experience in-store and online, successfully catching up to e-commerce giants in both digital and mobile channels. 

With PayStorm Merchants and Payment Service Providers are easily reshaping their acceptance programs to better fit and boost business while providing faster, more convenient options to meet their customers’ needs.

pagasi logo Pagasí mobile payment solutions

Pagasí, the complete white label payments platform that allows your customers to make P2P and P2M payments from their mobile device. Pagasí manages all phases of the e-wallet lifecycle, from initial merchant/consumer enrolment, to KYC onboarding processes, to fees, clearing and settlement within the payments eco-system.

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3D Secure

Certified by VISA and MasterCard, TAS 3D Secure performs vital functions within ecommerce transactions giving issuers the ability to authenticate cardholders during an online purchase and reducing “card not present” frauds.

TAS 3D Secure is certified VISA and MasterCard. 

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