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CARD 3.0 I.E.

CARD 3.0 I.E.

CARD 3.0 I.E.​ from TAS Group is an end-to-end card and digital payments platform that empowers clients with a one-stop-solution for card issuance, transaction processing, acquiring, and fraud management. The cloud-ready solution with its modular design and APIs, integrates seamlessly with legacy systems and is scalable and flexible to fit your business needs as payment instruments evolve.

CARD 3.0 I.E manages real-time authorizations and clearing, providing a direct connection to Visa, MasterCard, and Union Pay International networks. Not only does it provide all the functionality necessary to manage transaction traffic on both the issuing and acquiring ends, but also allows payment acceptance networks to be set-up, incorporated and updated.

Highly configurable, financial institutions, processors and program managers are able to easily design and manage new multi-application, multi-channel payment products and implement new standards and requirements for a faster time-to-market. 

CARD 3.0 I.E. is an evolution of cashless 3.0 ®

 Learn more about CARD 3.0 I.E on the US website.