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"Can T2/T2S Consolidation
be a digital transformation opportunity for Liquidity Management in banks?
in collaboration with KPMG and Accenture.
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T2/T2S Consolidation Interbank Working Group


Together with our partners, KPMG Advisory Services Italy and Accenture, throughout 2019 we have assisted banks and their service providers understanding deeper the impacts of the T2/T2S Consolidation migration and assessing their readiness to prepare for and to manage the challenging multi-year project mandated by the Eurosystem.

A huge amount of very valuable work has been done in a cooperative way, sharing expertise and insights among customers, prospects and partners with the aim of identifying the best path to achieve significant improvements in the multiple legal, organizational and technical changes introduced by the new scenario.


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 ECB marketplace event - On-stage pitch: Mario Mendia on how TAS Group can support market participants for the ISO20022 migration and the new RTGS. Download the presentation


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T2/T2S Consolidation Infographic EN

Did you miss Mario Mendia’s session at EBAday in Munich last year?
Read more about the market’s readiness in Mario’s article published recently on Bobsguide.


Focus on: "How banks are preparing (or not) for T2/T2S consolidation