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Intraday Liquidity Management & Reporting

BCBS 248 calls for banks to implement monitoring tools for intraday liquidity management by January 2017.

  • Is your bank ready to comply? 
  • Ready to solve the data puzzle? 
  • Ready to use related investments to improve liquidity management?
  • Do you already manage your stress testing scenarios? 


Aquarius demo, intraday liquidity

Aquarius offers an integrated framework to monitor Intraday Liquidity and consolidate Cash Management and Collateral activities for both direct and indirect settlement systems participant.


The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision regulation:

  • Promotes sound intraday liquidity management to ensure the bank can meet payment and settlement obligations on a timely basis under both normal and stressed conditions
  • Enables banking supervisors to monitor internationally active banks’ intraday liquidity risk
  • Promotes best practices in liquidity management for domestic banks. (Prescriptive application at discretion of national supervisors.)

Aquarius core functions include:

  • BCBS 248 monitoring tools
  • Global intraday liquidity overview by individual country, currency, legal entity or customer level
  • Monitoring features on monthly and daily basis
  • Flexible alerting system
  • Easy integration with bank back office and network applications


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Download Aquarius Intraday Liquidity Management Overview