19th Annual Liquidity Management conference

19th Annual Liquidity Management

Don’t miss the speaking session "Active Intraday Liquidity Management" by Mario Mendia, SVP Capital Markets & Treasury,
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Aquarius: Intraday liquidity management for Cash, Securities, and Collateral

Aquarius is an innovative and modular Liquidity Management System developed by TAS Group to help banks in the digital transformation of their treasury.

It supports the operational management of cash and liquid assets over different channels:

    • Large value payment systems
    • Clearing and settlement systems
    • Correspondent banks

and provides a real-time and forecast view of liquidity usage in order to efficiently allocate liquidity as per targeted business models or compliance request.

As the role of bank treasurer continues to shift, bringing with it new challenges, there has never been a greater need for a real-time centralized view of liquidity. Banks, now more than ever, require a simultaneous view of liquidity on a single platform with siloed legacy treasury systems often resulting in inaccurate or conflicting data, the consolidation of which is both time consuming and costly. Additionally, a lack of integration makes compliance with new regulations extremely burdensome.

Aquarius is the first liquidity management system providing a fully integrated view for cash, collateral and liquid assets in Central Bank Money and Commercial Bank Money.

Able to work with multi-currency accounts and transactions, it can guarantee a real-time overview on a targeted, single currency.

Integrating BCBS248 metrics in real-time operations as well as real-time and forecast limit management, Aquarius also provides Intraday Liquidity Reporting and automated Intraday Liquidity Stress Testing.

Today, advanced analytics capabilities are key to informed decision-making on funding liquidity and risk management, with sophisticated tools for modelling, stress testing, and reporting proving essential.

With the upcoming Eurosystem T2/T2S Consolidation project, Aquarius is the perfect solution to meet changing market needs and to turn this challenge into an opportunity for digital transformation in liquidity management optimization.

Main Benefits
  • Single solution to manage collateral and cash
  • Platform modularity to fit individual customer needs
  • Ease of integration between Treasury and Back Office operations
  • BCBS 248 guidelines compliance, including key-metrics into the real-time liquidity management
  • Single dashboard to manage all bank cash and securities accounts held at National Central Banks, Correspondent Banks, CSDs, Depository

  • Customer/Business/Categories visibility and management in real time, regardless the account structures
  • Real-time monitoring and alerting systems
  • Advanced graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Independence from Settlement and Clearing systems (operational model, data formats and protocols)
  • Native ISO20022 compliant
  • Machine Learning-based forecasting

The suite is composed of several modules that can run as a stand-alone application or be part of a wider Aquarius platform installation integrated with the customer’s existing infrastructure.

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 Aquarius Modules: A dashboard to manage…

Securities Settlement Module
Target2-rtgs module
Target2-Securities Cash & Collateral module
Intraday Liquidity and Stress Testing module
Correspondent Banking module
TIPS module