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TAS Aquarius Partner Program

Aquarius partner program

TAS Group has released Aquarius, the first off-the-shelf T2S platform for integrating cash and securities management. Aquarius will go live with T2S First Wave on 22 June 2015, and by the end of 2015, the platform will also integrate liquidity management on T2.

 Learn more about Aquarius

Participating in Migration Wave 1
, will give TAS unrivalled operational experience in the T2S market, which institutions in the three successive waves can leverage, making us the partner of choice for T2S implementation.

 T2S Migration Waves

Be a TAS Aquarius Partner to:

  • Jointly develop new market opportunities and projects together, presenting added-value solutions to customers
  • Participate in successful project implementations, helping customers to be ready for T2S

Some Advantages of being a Partner:

  • Strengthen positioning within the T2S market through strategic project implementation
  • Build winning projects, leveraging clear value for customers and presenting new easy-to-use technologies
  • Increase demand generation
  • Grow revenues and margins
  • Sell business solutions, NOT only features

Take advantage of:

  • TAS know-how and experience in T2S in its entirety
  • Ready platforms you can show to customers
  • TAS flexibility in the partnership model
  • Co-marketing activities and events participation*
  • TAS Aquarius Partner Logo

Two Levels of Certified Partnership:

  • Business Development Certified Partner
  • Project Implementation Certified Partner

It is possible to be a Partner at one or both of the two levels.
Let’s look at them more in detail...

The qualification as Business Development Certified Partner can be attained for the development of business in different European Countries, developing in-house competencies to produce positive outcomes for the partner company in terms of customers and sales volumes, whilst consistently achieving high customer satisfaction.

The qualification as Project Implementation Certified Partner can be attained to work alongside TAS, in order to implement tailored projects for individual customers, understanding their different needs and delivering best-fit solutions and performance.

No annual partnership fees are required

 To apply, contact us at CMT@tasgroup.eu

 *e.g. Events, press release, website and newsletters, product collaterals, merchandising