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t2s wave 4 TAS Group

T2S doubles settlement volumes with wave 4 migration

FEBRUARY 01 2017

We speak Deutsch!

TAS Germany website homepage

The TAS Group website is now live in German!

JANUARY 23 2017

Instant Payments in Real Time with TAS Group and SIA

Instant Payments with TAS Group and SIA

Plus, an in-depth look at the “Revolution in Payments and Opportunity for New Services”

JANUARY 19 2017

2016: A year of positive change for TAS Group

2016 was a year of renewals and successes for TAS Group

JANUARY 18 2017

Working Together to End World Hunger

TAS Group benefit SHN

TAS Group fights global hunger through the Stop Hunger Now Meal Packaging Program

JANUARY 10 2017

Fintech Finance interviews TAS Group at Trustech 2016

Paolo Martino @ Trustech 2016

Paolo Martino talks about PayGlobe, the new cashless solution for merchants operating in multiple countries