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Cashless Solutions


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Cashless 3.0: EMV Chip Card Management

Solutions for end-to-end card payment

TAS cashless 3.0™ is an end-to-end card payment platform enabling issuers of any size and budget to launch, monitor and manage every step in the life of their chip cards and applications. While maintaining a strong focus on the management of EMV chip cards, cashless 3.0 does away with the old "card-centric" approach by concentrating on the end user. A modular cloud-ready solution that integrates seamlessly with legacy systems, cashless 3.0 is both scalable and flexible creating a customized fit to your specific business needs.

 CARD 3.0

Manage all aspects of the card lifecycle from initial design through configuration to sales - even monitor stock levels and replenishment at branches. An elastic, pluggable and self-configurable cloud of interoperating services, cl CARD 3.0 allows financial institutions to set up a new card business easily and reduce time to market. Innovative in its independence and true portability, issuers can control payment product from a centralized location, assign configurations to different profiles, or opt to empower users with the ability to design and manage products autonomously at the branch level.

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Manage the entire production process of PIN Mailers, including electronic PIN delivery via sms, OTP, IVR or secure web banking channels. cl SecurPin is a PCI-DSS compliant PIN Code calculation server which interfaces with most common HSM models to insure full compatibility in issuing environments.


Produces the information necessary to generate an EMV personalization file for in-house printing or for external Perso Bureaus. All latest MasterCard and VISA specifications are implemented. EMV profiles are pre-configured in the system and periodically updated. Card scripts compatible with the most common card printers and chip types are also available. Suitable for conventional centralized or direct instant issuing at a bank branch and/or point of sale, natively EMV and contactless engineered, cl eMission is a real-time solution for real-time business. Start issuing and personalizing EMV chip cards without modifying your existing or data generation or card processing system.

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 3D Secure

Certified by VISA and MasterCard, cl 3D Secure performs vital functions within ecommerce transactions giving issuers the ability to authenticate cardholders during an online purchase and reducing “card not present” frauds.

TAS cl 3D Secure is certified VISA and MasterCard. 

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